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The Band

We Are Stereoside. ..::In early 06, Stereoside’s founding members, Chris York (drums), Ben Foster (guitar-vocals) and David Oliver (bass) added Jeff Shields (vocals).

More About us


Jeff Shields - Lead vocalist

My name is Jeff Shields. Wakulla Fl. Born and raised just a country boy that can sing rock. I can still hear momma say keep it down we like to play our guitars a lil to loud..HAHA.. Im a born rocker and music lover but everybody knows where I come from I grew up in trailer Im Trailer Park Scum...... Horns Up

Ben Foster - Guitar

My name is Ben Foster,I write songs and play guitar for the band Stereoside. I love writing and creating things. I was exposed to music/guitar for as long as I can remember. My Grandmother who I spent a lot of time with had an acoustic guitar that she would always have in her hand, if she wasn't playing it I would beg her to. I mostly enjoy listening to ROCK,METAL,SOUTHERN ROCK and COUNTRY. I'm a Florida Cracker!

David Oliver - Bass

My name is David Oliver....The Low end yo..... Born Nov. 30 1979 started playing guitar when I was 11 switched to bass at age 15. Tryed out for "Disturbed" before meeting "60 Cycle Hum" wich later became Stereoside.... I had a mirror in my room when I would practice guitar as a teenager and I always made faces at my self wile I played.... Yeah Im probably crazy but it makes for a good show haha.

Our AlbuMs

Current Release

Stereoside (self titled)

The black self titled album.

  1. Trailer Park Scum 03:44
  2. Risktaker 03:21
  3. Black Sheep 02:55
  4. Walk Alone 03:50
  5. By Now 03:16
  6. Get On 03:04
  7. Life Goes On 02:58
  8. Amazing 03:31
  9. These Bones 04:12
  10. Crazy & Paranoid 03:27

Stereoside ( So Long )

This was stereosides first Label release.The single "So Long" went to # 18 on the USA rock charts.....

  1. Too High 03:42
  2. So Long Sinner 03:43
  3. Sinner 03:30
  4. Tattoo 03:22
  5. Wasted 03:50
  6. Aint So Bad 03:54
  7. Always Remember 04:14
  8. My Life 03:14
  9. On And On 04:17
  10. Its Not My Day 03:31
  11. Little Pill 04:41
  12. On Our Way 04:02

Stereoside ( Wake Up)

The first release ever as Stereoside (non label release) featuring the first singer Eddie Sweeney......

  1. Wake Up 03:19
  2. Fall Away 03:54
  3. Another Letter 04:04
  4. Hey Joe 03:55
  5. 20 Pieces 03:21
  6. Signals 03:46
  7. What I Need 03:43
  8. Faded 03:46
  9. Turn Around 03:40
  10. Darkside 03:40
  11. Afterthoughts 04:18


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